My name is Monika Marija Kudaseva, I am a 23 years old Lithuanian who discovered photography while living and working in South Wales, UK. I was always an artistic person who enjoyed acting, singing and drawing but the day I found myself looking through the viewfinder of a small Canon I bought to capture my first holiday ever truly changed my life. I am studying digital photography in college since then and I’m a BTEC Level 2 part time student at the moment.

My childhood passed in a little house by the forest, where everybody knew each other and everybody help each other. It was a lovely place to grow up, I became very close to nature, I fell in love with the plants, animals and everything that’s alive. Spending my time with our small farm’s animals and running footless in a wild forest nearby were my everyday pleasures. I saw beauty in so many things I realized how happy I was at the exact moment I lived. My mother was very close to me, we always had a very strong and powerful connection and I am still best friends with two of our neighbor’s girls I played with since I was 4, we grew up as sisters and still have each other no matter what. After I graduated high school back in 2011 in Kaunas (Lithuania) I moved to Newport, South Wales to live, work and study.

I still have so many things to do, to learn and to try since I discovered myself in this new sphere. Everything started with a small Canon PowerShot SX500 IS four years ago, then I upgraded to Canon 600d and now I am thinking of changing again (it feels like it’s time now). I guess you just never stop growing – the more you know, the more you want to try. Sometimes I feel like drowning in my own ideas, I get excited and passionate about creating art very quickly so I try to keep my camera as close as possible all the time. I have plenty of moments to share with people who enjoy photography as an art and a way to express yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. I have a huge collection of moments I stopped in photographs while travelling worldwide and locally and I am more than ready to share it with all of you here, on my new WordPress website.


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