My very first photo-shoot of a person. Model – Patricija Strašunskaitė.

There is always that one step you need to take to get serious about photography and (Oh God)  I was really nervous taking that step… My first ever photo-shoot took place in a small rented room where the bed itself took thee quarters of all the space and my dying battery was distracting my attention too much. All that really made my photo-shoot short in time but it gave me so many lessons I am more than happy everything went the way it did. The most important thing in life is to be able to learn from your mistakes without repeating them 5-10 times just to be sure it is a mistake.

I purchased a colorful night lamp (which is really cheap and worth buying, check this out, you can achieve some really cool results using that) as I planned my images to be dark but full of light, filled with blacks but colorful as well. Everything started with preparation (girly stuff that makes us happy – makeup, clothing, hair style etc. were done by ourselves) and that horrible little room was filled with laughter and happiness within minutes. I relaxed, my model followed my steps and we got comfortable with each other. It is important to know what you want to achieve, especially if your model is not a professional ( I would like to see a photographer who started shooting professional models straight away – ha ha). The beginning was a little bit awkward,  the first 5 – 10 images were made just to notice model’s natural poses and to realize what I can make out of that. I asked for some specific things to be done so my model wouldn’t be left in front of the camera with no idea what to do and then the real work began itself.

You have to have an eye to see where the subject you are shooting is closest to perfection, where its’ strong sides are, what makes your subject to be the best version of itself. My model had gorgeous eyes and elastic body, she was very artistic and able to keep herself in a mood I was trying to create. She was stunning! I will always be grateful for the experience we both had and I  will always remember her as the first model I have ever had. Even when my camera  started dyeing slowly asking to be recharged Patricija kept posing with her eyes full of passion till the very last minute. I didn’t know we will have more photo-shoots in the future then, so I left with a strange feeling I haven’t done 100% of what I could have done. It thought me to be prepared even when I fell strong enough not to, and I was rewarded – after almost a year I had a chance to shoot her again. It was way better an way easier that the first time and I think we both noticed that. It only meant one thing – I grew up.

I grew up as a photographer a little and the idea that I can actually see myself growing pushed me further and further into my dream of becoming an artist. It’s not always easy to live abroad when all your family and friend are back home, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies even if you’re moving towards your dreams, but since I discovered photography my path became way easier to walk alone. South Wales will always be the place I found myself as a photographer and I would leave my home again if needed just to become a person I am now. I wish all the beginners to be patient while reaching their goals and to be able to learn from your mistakes cause it’s almost impossible not to mane any. Don’t stress too much about what went wrong, concentrate on what you did good and practice for as long as it takes to become who you want to become. Because you will.



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