Holiday is not only about suntan and fancy drinks. If you’re like me – you understand that the only thing money can buy to make you a truly richer person is traveling. My first city-break took me to Amsterdam, Holland. There were basically two types of reactions to my decision – I’m going there either for legal drugs or legal prostitution. Honestly none of them were true, the reason I chose Amsterdam as my first city-break destination was my desire to see what the life is like when you can keep your sins without being punished.

I have to admit, I connected myself to the city before my plane even landed. Such an amazing view of the sea full of wind turbines greeted me through that tiny little window! There were fields furrowed with water channels just like a spider web below my landing plane – it felt amazing. The only idea in my head then was – I have to come back when tulips are blooming, I just have to. I had to take a train and a ferry to get to my first hotel which was actually a big berthed ship. I was amazed that the ferryboats there are completely for free and that it go every 15/30 minutes from one coast to another starting on an early morning and finishing almost at midnight. I felt a little tired after the flight but I couldn’t resist taking a short look to the city centre so I left my hotel room to discover what was the night life like before the coming Monday. It was late Sunday evening and the streets were full of people-motorbikes-cars-bicycles and of course – tourists. I thought that was a busy life style, but then another day came and I understood – I know nothing about a busy life style…

My 5 days stay in Amsterdam was more than amazing. Discovering the city centre by foot was a challenge but I enjoyed it so much I was able to leave my map in the hotel two days later( what made me look a little less like a tourist). I visited Sex and Prostitution Museums, Body World Exhibition, Cannabis college, Marijuana Museum, Electric Ladyland (the first museum of Fluorescent art), the oldest coffee shops around the city centre, I have walked through The Red Light District so many times I almost made some friend there. I visited so many impressive and breath-taking places I can’t even choose my favorite one! What is more – I was surprised how calm, friendly and warm people of Amsterdam are. Despite the tourists disturbing the traffic, bikes and cars driving everywhere, tramways appearing here and there – people are so relaxed and so patient. They will give you enough time to understand you’re on their way, they will politely ask you to move out of the road as the tramway is coming, they will smile at you and you will automatically smile them back (and somehow you don’t feel like a fool, even if you nearly hit the car, and somehow all this traffic is not causing accidents, and somehow all this – is MAGICAL!).

Legalizing things that are forbidden abroad is risky but I believe that this is what makes Amsterdam so magnificent and interesting place to visit/stay/live. Nobody judges you. You can smoke your daily dose of Marijuana while having a morning coffee, you can grab a pint of bear with your meal and ask for another one after that, you can meet your needs while visiting the girls in the windows – it is all up to you and you don’t have to worry about what it will look like. I understood that freedom is what makes people relaxed, being able to decide what is best for your without being bullied brings you joy of realizing – you live your life the way you want it to be lived. All these different people with different needs are living close to each other, they are passing by every single day and no one hates nobody.

While expecting to find sinful night life and many drunk or high people surrounded by chaos all I found was love and peace. I got back home realizing that if you, your neighbor, your family and your country have the right attitude – freedom can be given to you. I know that many people wouldn’t agree with me and I know that this is only a tourist’s opinion but let me tell you one thing. I don’t need Paris anymore – I already found the city of Love for myself and it is called – AMSTERDAM!

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