Visiting Bath, England

Lady Flavia in Roman Baths where 11,700,00 liters of steaming spring water reaches 46C is still filling the bathing site every day. 

Bath was founded upon natural hot springs with the steaming water playing a key role throughout its history. Lying in the heart of the city the Roman Baths were constructed around 70 AD as a grand bathing and socialising complex. It is now one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world. This is basically why I couldn’t skip this location on my ‘to visit’ list.
It was as windy as it was sunny and early morning streets in Bath turned crowded within one cup of coffee. The sun warmed up busy streets and I left this cosy café with my camera in my arms.  Time was perfect and my picture hunting went very well.IMG_0829

Visiting Roman’s Baths was absolutely amazing. Just like time travelling! Did you know that 1,170,000 liters of steaming spring water reaching 46 °C still fill the bathing site every single day. The Romans believed that this was the mystical work of the Gods but we now know that the water source, which comes from the King’s Spring, fell as rain water around 10,000 BC.

A pigeon man and a little girl making new friends in the city of Bath.

Discovering the city center was also very exciting and interesting. People seem to be somehow different here. Street performers will catch your ears with one of your favorite songs, someone will be playing the instrument you always wanted to play with and then you will bump into people asking for a piece of peace and sign a petition against bombing Syria, Iraq and other countries because we care (I also signed!).

People protesting against the war by the cathedral in Bath

But don’t forget – you cannot leave the city until you met a pigeon man. He and his friends pigeons will brighten you day for sure!


There are many things to do in Bath but if you only have a few hours it is still worth stopping buy. Absolutely! With its’ architecture, street performers, cozy cafes and little magic in the ear it will definitely leave a sharp picture in your memory.






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