Fashion Museum in Bath


Fashion is changing all the time, but not only new styles are being created – sometimes designs are brought back to life from hundreds of years ago. The Fashion Museum in Bath, UK is one of the world’s top 10 museums of fashionable dress – a must-see for every fashionista. You’ll see everything from historic Georgian gowns to cutting-edge fashions by some of today’s leading designers.

270316_6_400_600The museum displays chronicle the story of fashionable dress over the past 400 years and feature more than 160  dressed figures. There is also a dressing-up room where I had some pleasure to become a model myself! You can try on coats, hats, corsets, dresses and bonnets to have some fashionable and historical fun!270316_5_400_600

What is more – the museum is housed in the Assembly Rooms, Bath’s most magnificent Georgian building, where guests used to gather to dance, drink tea, play cards and listen to music. Entry to the Assembly Rooms is included in the Fashion Museum ticket.





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