Jane Austen Centre in Bath, UK



One of the best places to find out more about Jane Austen is 40 Gay Street in Bath – Jane Austen Centre, where you can come and meet costumed ‘character’ guides and enjoy being shown Bath’s fascinating history and its associations with Jane Austen and her family.

The Jane Austen Centre is dedicated to celebrating Bath’s most famous resident. The Centre offers a snapshot of what it would be like to live in the Regency times – the fashion, food, society – everything that would have inspired Austen’s timeless novels.

Serena Dunlop – a Drama Studies graduate with her colleague Martin Slater in his Mr Bennet role at Jane Austen Centre, Bath

270316_9_400_600The Centre has also unveiled a waxwork back in 2014 which, for the first time in history, creates a lifelike portrayal of what Jane Austen would have looked like. It took three years for Melissa Dring, forensic artist, to construct the waxwork which is based on eye-witness descriptions and a sketch by Austen’s sister Cassandra. This new addition to The Jane Austen Centre means visitors can get up close to the women herself for the first time in centuries!



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