Fortress Wales – Caldicot Castle

IMG_6303_512_768.jpgFortress Wales is a multi period re-enactment and living history event at Caldicot Castle Country Park, encompassing re-enactment groups and a military vehicle show.
Knights in armour, medieval peasants, World War II soldiers and more appeared in this overview of history that took place on a long May bank-holiday weekend in South Wales, UK.

People were entertained and surrounded by things, sounds and people from various pasts that gave visitors a real time-travelling experience. Living history with incredibly enthusiastic and friendly people is also a great way for kids to learn and seek for more knowledge. 13161876_1147273615325474_5352591771074235723_o

I must admit the re-enactment groups did really well, we had everything from horses,wolfs and ravens to real guns, battles and even a tank (!) so I have to congratulate the best ones:

Best Battle Arena Event Winner -Vikings of Middle England
Best Display Winner -Rolling Thunder, Vietnam
Best Vehicle – Sherman Tank
Best Walkers Ragged Victorians – the Fish lady – Steph Jones
Best Newcomer – White Rose of Stuart Living History Society

Enjoy the pictures all of you photography, living history and re-enactment enthusiasts!




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