The Wye Valley River Festival.

150516_1_400_600.jpgThe Wye Valley River Festival was launched in Hereford on April 29 and came to its finale near Chepstow on May 15. It brought series of innovative, intriguing and spectacular events to locations 60-mile along the River Wye. The unique and creative festival is a biennial event inspired by the landscape and led by arts professionals collaborating with the people who live in and around the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Environmentalists, artists and communities came together for themed events including fire and flame, riverside revelry, performances, arts installations, workshops, walks and talks. The focus of the Wye Valley River Festival 2016 is a travelling Wye Serai, a dynamic combination of performances, activities and workshops.

150516_11_800_533The main performance and activity space was created around three intriguing caravans, of ‘Curiosities & Hydrosities’, ‘Fact & Wonder’ and ‘Myths & Legends’, with a ‘River A&E Laboratory’ and a great Samovar brewing up tea. The Water Ones were also constantly wrangling in a comic chaos of pouring and spilling, singing and dancing, bringing the rivers and waters of the world to you. All this really  fulfilled my day with joy and relaxation.

I went to  Llandogo on 14th of May to finally meet the Water Ones myself. It seems that everything that day was perfect : people were friendly, weather was good (bare in mind it’s Wales…) and the atmosphere was just incredibly good. I visited this beautiful place surrounded by hills and forests for the first time in my life and yet it felt like home!



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