Monmouthshire Food Festival at Caldicot Castle

050616_3_1200_800Another well spent weekend at Caldicot Castle, this time – it’s all about tasty food! Many hungry people from South Wales and surrounding areas gathered at this beautiful and historical castle to enjoy their sunny summer weekend together. Many food producers from Monmouthshire and neighbouring counties together with the best local chefs filled visitors stomachs with tastiest dishes and products.

Bryn Farm BBQ team Joel Brains, Merryn Kelly, Pam Jenkins and John Jenkins were also offering some home made lemonade which instantly became my favorite summer drink!



Monmouthsire Youth Service is here to help the young people of Monmouthshire. Once again they hosted the Children’s Corner and introduced kids and their parents to healthy eating and dangers of a junk food.
Chris Harrod and Henry Ashby introduced visitors to local herbs and showed us the best ways of using it in our kitchens
Many of us have never considered how blind and partially sighted people manage in the kitchen. Andrea Gordon who was born blind showed us her daily struggles, hacks and routine in the kitchen. With a little help from her assistant she made a delicious cheese and onion Quiche.
Courtesy of Guide Dogs Cymru as well as guide dog owners gathered together for cookery demonstrations, gave us some talks and blindfolded challenges. Visitors also had a chance to meet guide dogs and puppies who were still under straining.
Serena – guide puppy under training.
The Gwent Beekeeping Association at their stall where I also had a chance to purchase a jar of some fresh non-pasteurized organic honey that tastes absolutely fantastic! Visitors had a chance to spot a Queen Bee in a  beehive and ask some questions about beekeeping and how important bees are to our everyday-food-table.
Kids were trying to spot the Queen bee. She is slightly larger than the others and has a bright blue spot on its back.






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