Caldicot Castle Medieval Weekend

The full Medieval Period from Vikings to Tudor with over than 200 re-enactors transformed the castle into a living timeline, showing off their particular period of history to the fullest.

180916_41_512_768A real Viking who was born in 950BC named Ragnar said ”Since my king is long dead I don’t get into trouble very often”

Nobles  from around Medieval Europe were playing hunting games and competing between each other to cheer up the crowd. People loved it! Clapping and cheering echoed after each success and every failure between the castle walls of Caldicot.

Medieval period is so rich in crafty and talented people! From fixing an armor after the fight to making yourself a bow and some arrows were totally normal last weekend at Caldicot Castle. It is absolutely wonderful to travel back in time and see these people working and living their every-day lives just like centuries ago. Some Medieval musicians were also here playing some long forgotten instruments and flutes.


Fights and weapons were also here to entertain the visitors.


I think it is great that people have such opportunities to experience and take a closer look at something that is long gone in the past.

Luckily with such love and dedication for history  we can time-travel here at Caldicot Castle.


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