Projects and Photoshoots

Photography is a perfect tool to express our thoughts and ideas, it helps us to illustrate our dreams and fears while expanding the boarders of our imagination to infinity. It lets the photographer speak his own words in his own language to express himself while leaving enough space for viewer’s interpretation, judgement and opinion. Isn’t in perfect?
As a person who is always full of ideas and won’t miss a chance to capture another beautiful moment wherever I go, I will usually post series of pictures from a trip or share projects I did for college or my own purposes. I call myself a local photographer – I am exceptionally interested in local places, local people and local beauty as I truly believe we have to discover our own culture, our own home and land first so we could dive deeper and loose ourselves to the beauty of our planet understanding ourselves as a part of it at the present time.

I see many things I would like to capture with my camera but sometimes I feel like it’s a moment to enjoy and let go only. I am familiar with that desire to capture everything when you are finally comfortable with you camera in a full manual mode but now I know it is important to learn how to stop and stare without taking any pictures and let the moment melt in your eyes only. I think we all know how disappointing it can be to loose the moment because it took too long to prepare the camera and what is more – not only your camera but your eyes didn’t capture that magical moment too! Let’s agree – sometimes less is more for sure.

Photography itself is a challenge to my. I try to be better than the last time every time I hold my camera. That’s how I probably will never get bored of it. In this page I will be sharing small and big photography projects that came true as I was challenging myself while holding a camera. Enjoy and thank you for reading.


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